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Online Courses

The primary focus of our apostolate is teaching the teachers of the Faith - from School Teachers, to Parish Catechists to parents and parishioners who bear witness to Christ in the world today. Our courses focus on content and methods for teaching the faith and courses to form those in leadership roles in ministry. 

On-Site Training

With a licensing agreement, your teachers/catechists can take the courses online, or your local instructor(s) may present our materials locally. All participants can login to take the quizzes and receive certificates of completion at their convenience.

Diocesan Affiliation

We work with (arch)dioceses to customize formation and training opportunities. We bundle our courses for use towards catechist certification, diaconate training, teaching license renewal, etc. See what we can do for you!

Licensure of Courses

We work with parishes, schools, and dioceses to license individual or bundled courses, allowing you to offer systematic training for your teachers.  Investing in your teachers is the best way to improve Religious Education; we can make this happen at a great value.

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