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Catholic Education Center provides resources and Catechist Courses for educators, catechists, and parents to faithfully teach our Catholic Faith.

Teaching Methods and
Learning Styles

Our Catechist Training Courses focus on content and teaching methods. This page lists the courses we offer on Catechism, Scripture, Church History and other Special Topics. For courses on methods, please click here.

CAT106: Tools for Teachers (Colette Lienhard, M.A.)

Classes include: Catechetical Movements (Where to Begin), Lesson Planning, Prayer, Demonstrations, Story/Drama, Music, Religious Art, Crafts, Projects, Technology and Reviewing Resources.

CAT210: Methods and Learning Styles (Susan Doyle, M.Ed.)

Classes include: Catholic Education: What is the Difference?, Routines: A Template for Engagement, Temperaments, Learning Styles, The Three Brain Networks, Motivation, Building Community in the Classroom, Using Your Resources, Assessment/Review Strategies, Trouble Shooting

MIN101: Successful Classroom Management (Jerome Aull, D.Min.)

Classes include: Foundations for Classroom Management, Proactive vs. Reactive Approaches, Day One, A safe, well managed, and friendly class, Setting the Tone, Discipline, Employing Our Gifts, Involving Their Gifts, Learning from Miss-Takes, Learning Leadership


CAT214: Reaching the Student with Special Needs (Margaret Whitehead, M.R.E.)

Classes include: The Call of Christ and the Mission of His Church, The Call to Work with Student with Special Needs, Starting Out: The Welcoming Classroom and General Class Structure, The Challenge of Teaching the Student with Autism: Part 1 (Lower Functioning ASD); The Challenges of Teaching the Student with Autism, Part 2 (Asperger's Syndrome, ADD, ADHD), The Challenges of Teaching Students Who Have Hearing, Visual and/or Physical Impairments, The Challenges of Teaching Students with Down Syndrome and Students with Intellectual Impairments, Preparing Students with Special Needs to Attend Mass and Receive Baptism and Holy Communion, Preparing Students with Special Needs to Receive First Reconciliation and Confirmation, Teaching with the Bible, the Saints, the Virtues and the Welcoming Church.

MIN102: Time Management for Ministry (Jerome Aull, D.Min.)

Classes include: The Foundations of Time ManagementBeen Busy?, Stage ManagementThe SabbathThe CompassChrono-logicThe Daily ProcessGoalsAttention ManagementTen Essential Tools

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