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Catholic Education Center provides resources and Catechist Courses for educators, catechists, and parents to faithfully teach our Catholic Faith.

Our Services and Pricing

Online Courses

The primary focus of our apostolate is teaching the teachers of the Faith - from School Teachers, to Parish Catechists, to parents and parishioners - all who bear witness to Christ in the world today.


Our content-rich courses systematically present the faith and methods for teaching the faith to form effective leaders in both evangelization and catechetical ministries.

Our Teaching the Faith and Biblical Catechesis courses include systematic lessons,  teacher resources, and student lesson plans! Individual registration is $99/course.

All our other courses are directed towards specialized ministry, and are $50/course.

On-Site Training

A Catholic Education Center instructor may be contracted to teach our courses on-site.  Usually, a ten-class course is taught over two 6-hour sessions (allowing for breaks, questions, and lunch). 

Cost varies, as travel and expenses must be covered - but we're reasonable! Contact us for more details or make arrangements. 

Licensure of Courses

We work with parishes and schools to license individual or bundled courses. Allow us to offer customized training for your specific needs.  Licensed courses may be taught by your instructor(s), who may present our materials locally.


All participants can log in to read the materials, take the quizzes, download resources, and receive certificates of completion.


Investing in your teachers is the best way to build up and improve your Religious Education programs.  Catechists who know their faith can effectively share their faith regardless of textbook materials. Trained catechists are retained catechists, who build up faith formation teams and programs for parishes providing long-term benefits; we can help make this happen at a great value.

Diocesan Affiliates

We work with (arch)dioceses to customize formation and training opportunities. We bundle our courses for use towards YOUR catechist certification, diaconate training, teaching license renewal, etc.


Our Diocesan Licensing Agreements include:

  • Online courses with onsite options for your teachers to present the materials locally and in small groups;

  • Choice of courses customized to your certification program;

  • Online course enrollment key to access licensed courses;

  • Unlimited diocese-wide access for teachers, catechists, parent-educators, and parishioners to continue their faith formation in an accountable format;

  • Certificates of course-completion indicating each course is 10 hours, and a final grade (successful course-completion requires 80%+);

  • Reasonable rates: $5000/course per year for whole-diocese access; bundled rates may be applied.

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