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- catholic eduction - catholic faith - catechism Catholic Education Center provides resources and Catechist Courses for educators, catechists, and parents to faithfully teach our Catholic Faith.

Faith Formation and Spirituality

Our Catechist Training Courses focus on content and teaching methods. This page lists the courses we offer on for home educators. As Catholic Education is all education through the lens of Catholicism, this section will eventually have courses that are not strictly catechetical.

AFF241: Our Vocation: The Virtuous Life (Patricia Maskell, M.A.)

Classes include: To Live a Virtuous Life, The Theological Virtue of Faith, The Theological Virtue of Hope, The Theological Virtue of Charity, The Cardinal Virtue of Prudence, The Cardinal Virtue of Justice, The Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude, The Cardinal Virtue of Temperance, Virtue and Beatitude, Virtues, Moral and Christian Ethics

AFF213: The Domestic Church: Catholic Parenting (David Wallace, M.A.)

Classes include: Marriage and Holiness, The Priestly Role of the Parent, The Magisterium on Parental Rights and Responsibilities in Education, Forming a Catholic Conscience, The Cardinal Virtues, The Virtue of Religion, Temperaments in the Child, Moralistic Therapeutic Deism, Choosing Godparents, Preparing for a Child's Baptism

AFF214: Building the Domestic Church (David Wallace, M.A.)

Classes include: Evangelization and the Tasks of CatechesisFostering the Theological Virtues, Salvation History Fulfilled in Christ, Part 1, Salvation History Fulfilled in Christ, Part 2, Principles of Moral Training in Christ, Principles for Prayer in the Home, Family Participation at Holy MassThe Parish Church: House of God, Understanding Sin and Preparing for a Child's First Confession, Preparing for the Reception of a Child's First Holy Communion

AFF215: Leading Children to a Mature Faith (David Wallace, M.A.)

Classes Include: The Lord's Day and Liturgical Seasons, Vices, Virtues, and Beatitudes, Part 1, Vices, Virtues, and Beatitudes, Part 2, The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, The Corporal Works of Mery, The Spiritual Works of Mercy, Reading Scripture in the Home, Prayer with Older Children, Preparing for Confirmation, Spiritual Combat and the Defense of the Faith

CAT200: Faith Development: Youths and Adults (Romano Kidd, M.A.)

Classes include: Introduction to Faith DevelopmentStages of Faith DevelopmentFaith Development for TeensFaith Development for Young AdultsFaith Development for AdultsFaith Development for ConvertsFaith Development for Diverse Groups, Faith Development in Relation to Other Faiths, Developing Leaders, Part I, Developing Leaders, Part 2

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