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catholic eduction catholic faith catechism

Catechist Courses
(Training your Teachers)


  • Content-driven courses to maximize teacher knowledge so catechists can teach with confidence and authority, regardless of textbook materials.

  • Classroom suggestions and teaching resources for new and experienced teachers of all levels.

  • Self-paced classes are continuously available on any device with internet access.

  • Each course has ten classes (and should take ten hours to complete). May be used for VCEA teaching license renewal.

  • Course notes, PowerPoints, and supplemental materials can be printed for personal and classroom use.

  • Objective-answer quizzes are graded upon completion for immediate feedback.

  • A completion certificate to download and print including course hours, topic, and grade.

  • Courses may be offered site; schedule here.

Online Catechist Training Courses

catholic eduction catholic faith catechism

Courses written by Instructors with Master's Degrees, years of experience, and signed oaths of fidelity - the best in their fields to train the leaders of the Church! 

Individuals may self-register for $50/course. No one has ever been turned away for financial reasons. If you wish to take courses but request assistance, please contact us today!

Licenses are available for

  • parishes

  • schools

  • dioceses

  • apostolates.


Please contact us for more details!

Continuous Enrollment


catholic eduction catholic faith catechism

Our Catechist Training Courses focus on content and teaching methods.

Visit our online classroom to see the courses we offer on Catechism, Scripture, Church History and other Special Topics for Teachers of the Faith!

- catholic eduction - catholic faith - catechism

  • MIN107: Christ the Teacher

  • MIN108: Teaching in Imitation of Christ the Teacher

  • MIN100: Self Management for Ministry

  • MIN106: Forming Disciples

  • MIN134: The Ministry of Apologetics

  • AFF241: Our Vocation: The Virtuous Life

  • AFF213: The Domestic Church: Catholic Parenting

  • AFF214: Faith Formation for Young Children

  • AFF215: Leading Children to a Mature Faith

  • CAT200: Faith Development: Youths and Adults

  • CAT106: Tools For Teachers and Methods for Discipleship

  • CAT210: Methods and Learning Styles

  • MIN101: Successful Classroom Management

  • CAT214: Reaching the Student with Special Needs

  • MIN102: Time Management for Ministry

  • CAT230: Church History: Pentecost-800 A.D.

  • CAT231: Church History: 801 A.D. - Reformation

  • CAT232: Church History: Counter-Reformation to Present

  • AFF231: The Second Vatican Council

  • AFF230: Introduction to the Church

  • AFF101: The Pedagogy of God: Eden to Eden

  • AFF100: Teaching with Scripture (An Introduction to the Bible)

  • CAT202: Teaching the Faith: Apostles to Apologists

  • CAT203: Teaching the Faith: The Great Catechists

  • CAT204: Teaching the Faith: Catechetical Documents

  • CAT201: The General Directory for Catechesis

  • MIN145: Leadership in Ministry

  • MIN144: Training Catechetical Leaders

  • MIN141:The RCIA and its Rites

  • MIN110: Parish Catechetical Leader Resources

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