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Catholic Education Center provides resources and Catechist Courses for educators, catechists, and parents to faithfully teach our Catholic Faith.

Biblical Catechetics Courses 

Biblical Catechetics Courses (CAT220-224). Soon available in Spanish!


CAT220 : Biblical Catechesis, Part 1: Eden to Egypt (Colette Lienhard, M.A.)

Classes include: Our Loving Creator, Together in the Garden, Turning Away from God, Offering Sacrifice, A New Creation and Reaching for Heaven, Promises Made by God, A Test of Fidelity, The Blessing of Marriage, A Trick and a Blessing, Duty and Love.

CAT221: Biblical Catechesis, Part 2: Passover to Promised Land (Colette Lienhard, M.A.)

Classes include: Slave and Savior, From Water to the Kingdom, Called by God, No Other gods, Freed From Slavery, I will be your God and You will be My People, True Worship, To the Promised Land, Forty Years in the Desert and Entering the Promised Land


CAT222: Biblical Catechesis, Part 3 Judges to Jesus (Colette Lienhard, M.A.)

Classes include: Judges, A New King for Israel, The Throne of David, A Divided Kingdom, Exiled, Restoration of Israel, The Kingdom of God is at Hand, The Annunciation and Visitation, The Birth of Jesus, Escape to Egypt.


CAT223: Biblical Catechesis, Part 4: Jesus' Public Ministry (Colette Lienhard, M.A.)

Classes include: Lots and Found in the Temple, This is My Beloved Son, Do Whatever He Tells You, The Call of the Apostles, The Kingdom of God, Jesus' Teaching, Healing and Nature Miracles, Bread of Life, Friend of Sinners, My Father's House, The Last Supper, Jesus' Passion and Jesus is Risen


CAT224: Biblical Catechesis, Part 5: Early Church (Colette Lienhard, M.A.)

Classes include: Jesus explains the Scriptures, Feed My Sheep, Pentecost, Stephen the Martyr, Philip and the Ethiopian, Peter and Cornelius, The Conversion of Saul, The Council of Jerusalem, TO the Ends of the Earth, Paul's Trial, Our God Reigns

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