The Catholic Education Center, LLC, is a privately owned initiative that is faithful to the Magisterium of the Church.  All of our courses are submitted to the Arlington Diocese for review and approval of course-content.  All of our instructors sign an oath of fidelity, and every instructor has years of ministry experience and a Masters degree (or greater).  

The Catholic Education Center, LLC, offers flexible formation through online and on-site opportunities for teaching the faith. Our apostolate is to teach the teachers - not simply by imparting knowledge, but also sharing classroom applications, experience, and excellent resources.  We provide excellent, cost-efficient catechist formation that can be used immediately in the classroom. Through the formation we offer, we can all share in our mission to faithfully teach the Faith!.

The Catholic Education Center, LLC, was founded in 2006 by Colette (Ellis) Lienhard to meet the needs of catechists in the Diocese of Arlington to attain formation opportunities for busy teachers and volunteers.  Having authored the revised edition of the Faith and Life Catechism Series (2002-2006, Ignatius Press), and worked as Director of Religious Education and a Catholic School Assistant Principal, Colette understood the varied needs of the Religious Education ministry.  Online courses were developed with the approval of the Diocese of Arlington so that catechists could attain certification.

The Catholic Education Center, LLC, is located in Warrenton, Virginia of Fauquier County, in the Diocese of Arlington.  The office location is 7252 Chestnut Court, Warrenton, VA 20187, Telephone: 703-785-2319.  Our “Campus”, however, is hosted in a secure online classroom.  Our website is: www.catholiceducationcenter.com and our e-course site is hosted by classroom, and is found at https://classroom.catholiceducationcenter.com.