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Evangelization and Discipleship

MIN107: Christ the Teacher

Instructor: Jerome Aull, D.Min

Christ the Teacher looks at how Jesus challenged the foundational understanding of the Messiah and the mission of His New Kingdom. 

Classes include: The Contrasts of Christ the TeacherThe Chosen of Christ the Teacher, Christ the Teacher - the Sower, Christ the Teacher - the Lamp, The Deliverance of Christ the TeacherThe Touch of Christ the TeacherThe Familiarity of Christ the TeacherConscience and ConsequenceThe Bread of Christ the TeacherThe Identity of Christ the Teacher

MIN108: Teaching in Imitation of Christ the Teacher

Instructor: Jerome Aull, D.Min.

Teaching in Imitation of Christ the Teacher looks at how he revolutionized their point of view, their way of ‘seeing’, on everything they were called to do in leading and serving this New Kingdom. 

Classes include: The Perspective of Christ the TeacherThe Sign and the Leaven of Christ the TeacherChrist the Teacher TransfiguredThe Wealth of Christ the TeacherHosanna to Christ the TeacherThe Temple of Christ the TeacherThe Vineyard of Christ the TeacherThe Greatest Commandment of Christ the TeacherThe Reliance of Christ the TeacherThe Body and Blood of Christ the Teacher

MIN100: Self-Management for Ministry

Instructor: Jerome Aull, D.Min

This course raises a central question in both our Spirituality and in our Catechetical Ministry. Our own care of ourselves needs to be seen in the way Christ sees us, and balanced with the service we offer in humility.

Classes include: Christ our ModelThy Kingdom ComeThy Will be DoneListening for our CallReflection and Self ExaminationWounded HealersThe Ways You Talk to Yourself, Your Prayer Life: Part 1, Your Prayer Life: Part 2A Balanced Life

MIN106: Forming Disciples

Instructor: Jerome Aull, D.Min.

Forming Disciples looks at how Christ our teacher called and formed his learners into disciples, and eventually the 12 Apostles. 

Classes include: The Rabbinic Foundations of Christ the TeacherThe Confrontation of Christ the TeacherThe Continuity of Christ the TeacherThe Testing of Christ the TeacherThe Call to DiscipleshipThe Authority of Christ the TeacherThe Compassion of Christ the TeacherThe Holistic Forgiveness of Christ the TeacherThe Tolerance of Christ the TeacherChrist the Teacher and Physician

MIN134: The Ministry of Apologetics

Instructor: Deacon Gerard-Marie Anthony, M.A.

The Ministry of Apologetics is designed to help those who feel called to defend the faith by preparing them to know not only their audience, but also how apologetics will vary with different people. It also offers further training, by emphasis on a prayer-life, and offers a framework of challenges to the Church in history and today, which are addressed through Apologetics. 

Classes include: IntroductionPersonal Contact is KeyApologetics for Kids and TeensApologetics for Non-Catholic AdultsApologetics for The Non-CatechizedApologetics for the Well-Catechized, Why We Need to Pray and How to Start, Prayer and Growth in PrayerHistorical Attacks on the Church, Conclusion-The Church in Modern Times