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Catholic Education Center provides resources and Catechist Courses for educators, catechists, and parents to faithfully teach our Catholic Faith.

Faithfully Teaching the Faith
for over 16 years!

Catholic Education Center provides resources and courses for educators, catechetics, and parents to faithfully teach our Catholic Faith.
  • The Catholic Education Center is faithful to the Magisterium of the Church.  

  • All of our courses are submitted to the Arlington Diocese for review and approval.

  • All of our instructors sign an oath of fidelity, and every instructor has years of ministry experience and a Master's degree (or greater).  

When I served as a parish Director of Religious Education and then as an Assistant Principal, I oversaw teacher training. There is no one busier than a teacher! So, I started the Catholic Education Center as a way to offer flexible formation for teachers of the faith. 


As the revision writer of the Faith and Life catechism series (Ignatius Press), and an adjunct professor of Catechetics, I worked with some of the best in my field. I recruited expert instructors who are as committed as I am to teach the faith.

My work as a consultant and instructor has brought me to many parishes and dioceses to see the needs of catechists first-hand. The Catholic Education Center strives to provide the best formation and tools for effectively teaching the Faith. 

We designed courses that systematically present the Faith

in everyday language with practical applications. 

We focus on preparing teachers with a solid knowledge of the faith, which they can use to teach any materials.

We have now trained over 5,000 teachers in North America, Europe, and Africa. 

The two questions I am asked the most are:

1) What am I supposed to teach?

2) How do I teach the faith?

We routinely find that catechists want to grow in their ministry. Many volunteers stopped their faith formation when they were Confirmed. They need a clear, systematic knowledge of the faith with examples for teaching in order to have the words to share the faith with their students. Our participants are tested on their knowledge and successful completion requires a grade of 80% or greater! 

Over 95% of our registrants COMPLETE their course-training! I hope our love for teaching the Faith is contagious!

Over the last 15 years, we have been asked time and again for ideas, lessons, and even curriculum. So, we developed teacher resources and tested them rigorously in classroom and home education environments.  In 2021 we will begin to release them through our Teacher Resources section. 

Together, let's teach future Saints!

You can do this!  We can help.

Colette Lienhard, Director

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to teach the teachers of our faith so they can evangelize and catechize faithful disciples of Christ.

  • We systematically present the Catholic Faith and explain how to reach your students. We share classroom applications, experience, and excellent resources.  

  • Our value-packed catechist formation can be used immediately in the classroom.

  • Together, let’s teach future Saints!


  • The Catholic Education Center was founded in 2006 to offer systematic ministry formation to teachers and catechists on their schedules.

  • Situated in Arlington Diocese, the founder worked closely with the Offices of Catholic Schools and Faith Formation to develop a comprehensive program, to be offered on site and online. 

  • The Catholic Education Center has supported graduate programs, diaconate training programs, and homeschool programs by developing customized curriculum and online resources. 

  • After 16 years of service, the Catholic Education Center has developed relationships with dioceses all over the world; our courses are available and may enjoyed anywhere there is internet access.

  • Consultation with parishes and dioceses is directing our future path - to offer more “how to” training, and teaching materials.  We hope you join us as we serve and grow the Church!

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